We provide a traditional lacquering service offering either stove baked or airdrying options. These are available in a number of clear and coloured tint lacquered finishes, including gloss, matt and semi-gloss.

Materials: All metals, acrylics and glass



A cost-effective way to achieve the visual effect of expensive metal or plated finish.

Regardless of the core material, our tint stove lacquer can transform metals to emulate others. Sealed with our optional clear lacquer to ensure long lasting protection, both our lacquers offer a versatile method of spraying different sizes and shapes, including framework.

In addition, our stove lacquers offer:

• Excellent adhesion to metals, ceramics and glass
• Resistance to scratches and scuffs
• Resistance to perfume and alcohol


Large temperature controlled dust-proof spray booth with a 3 meter system.

Electric fired industrial walk-in ovens with the capacity to stove items up to 3 meters in length.

A small electric oven perfect for small components and batch work.

Comitti of London, established in 1850, are makers of fine clocks and barometers. Our products are designed and made in our factory but where appropriate we use specialist partners. Osprey Metal Finishers is one of those specialists and have been working with Osprey for many years.

We have complete confidence in the finish and quality Osprey achieve, it is consistently of the highest standard and is delivered with a friendly professional service.

Comitti of London